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Corporate Directory

ABN 46 098 952 035

Norman A Seckold Chairman
Peter J Nightingale
Robert M Bell
Anthony J McClure
Anthony J McDonald

Marcelo Mora

Level 2, 66 Hunter Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: +61 2 9300 3322
Fax: +61 2 9221 6333

Computershare Investor Services Pty Limited
Level 4
60 Carrington Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (within Australia) 1300 787 272
Phone: (outside Australia) +61 3 9473 2500 


Board and Management

Norman A. Seckold, Executive Chairman

Mr Seckold has spent over 25 years in the full time management of natural resource companies, both in Australia and overseas. He has been the Chairman of a number of publicly listed companies including Moruya Gold Mines, Pangea Resources, Timberline Minerals, Perseverance Corporation Valdora Minerals, Viking Gold Corporation, Mogul Mining, Cockatoo Coal Limited and Bolnisi Gold which was the subject of a successful takeover bid of more than $1.3 billion in 2007. Mr Seckold is also currently the Chairman of Santana Minerals, Augur Resources and Equus Mining and unlisted public companies Mekong Minerals and Nickel Mines.

Anthony J. McClure, Non-Executive Director

Mr McClure graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Geology) degree from Macquarie University in 1986. He has more than 25 years technical, management and financial experience in the resource sector worldwide in project management and executive development roles. He has also worked in the financial services sector and stockbroking, primarily as a resource analyst covering both mineral and energy sectors.

Mr McClure is a current Director of unlisted public companies Nickel Mines Limited and Mekong Minerals Limited.

Peter J. Nightingale, Executive Director and CFO

Mr Nightingale is a Chartered Accountant and , for the past 20 years as a director or company secretary, has been responsiblefor the financial control, administration, secretarial and in-house legal functions of a number of private and public listed companies in Australia, the USA and Europe including Pangea Resources, Timberline Minerals, Perseverance Corporation, Valdora Minerals, Mogul Mining, Bolnisi Gold, Sumatra Copper & Gold and Callabonna Uranium. Mr Nightingale is also currently a director of Augur Resources and Cockatoo Coal.

Robert M. Bell, Independent and Non-Executive Director

Mr Bell is a geologist with over 40 years experience specialising in oil and gas exploration in Australia and overseas. Mr Bell has significant experience in the coal seam gas industry and was one of the original founders and directors of Queensland Gas Company.

Anthony J. McDonald, Independent and Non-Executive Director

Mr McDonald is Managing Director of Santana Minerals Limited and a non-executive director of Mekong Minerals Limited. He is a lawyer, having qualified in 1982.

Marcelo Mora, Company Secretary

Mr Mora is an Accountant and a Chartered Secretary, with over 25 years experience in resources and mining companies both in Australia and in internationally providing financial reporting and company secretarial services to a range of public listed and non listed companies.